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Ponytail is a good indoor house plant. it has some properties as 

  • filter-toxins,
  • increase the productivity,
  • increasing your sense of wellbeing,
  • low maintenance, 
  • easy to care and
  • the life of the plant is several decades(100 years).



Pony tail does not need bright light to thrive but it still needs light for the growth, Place this plant somewhere under the slightly shady spot.



This plant uses its thick stem to hold the water. It means the plant expects longish periods between watering. In hot summer time water it once in a week but keep the soil evenly moist to avoid a feast or famine approach.



Pony tail does not like super dry areas. Low humidity turns the plant leaves and top brown. The indoor house plant can grow well at room temperature as well.



These plants do not need much fertilizer. All purpose feed, once in every month in spring and summer will be enough. You can buy the plant food from us.


Remove the brown or damaged leaves( as they will not turn green again).


Please note:- The pictured plant color may vary slightly because of the photography. Planter is not included.


Beaucarnea Recurvata (Ponytail) 2L

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