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Aloe Black Gem is an outstanding indoor succulent plant to decorate the table of your house/office because of its bright color. Aloe Black Gem is well know for it's stemless rosettes of thick, fleshy, triangle leaves. Another reasons of it popularity are

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to care plant
  • Enhence the overall appearance of a space



The bright light is ideal for this plant, please avoid the direct sunlight. Too much sunlight helps to grow well. This is a houseplant, it can easily grow at room temperature and can even survive in dry weather.



This plant needs typical water(Water sparingly), moist soil with good drainage. Do not let the plant sit in the water. Allow the  soil completely dry out before the watering. If possible, use rain or filter water to avoid brown leaf tips.



This plant require the humidity to boost the growth, additional humidity is preferable, for that you can put this plant in the steam room like kitchen or bathroom (for a limited time).



Feed once or twice monthly during the growing season.


Remove the brown or damaged leaves( as they will not turn green again).


Please note:- The pictured plant color may vary slightly because of the photography. Planter is not included.

Aloe Black Gem

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