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  • You need to make sure that the pots/planters that you are using for your plant have good drainage holes.

  • Choose a good size pot/planter. How big a planter/pot you need is depends upon the size of your plant and roots.

  • The other important thing is the choice of the soil for your plants. Plants use nutrients from soil to survive.

  • Always choose good quality of plants food either liquid food or other kinds and feed your plants regularly as required to maintain their health. How often you need to feed the food to plants, it depends on the plants food you have. We suggest reading the description on the packaging label.

  • The water is another important requirement for the plants health and growth. Normally, when plant starts to droop, it's time to water them.

  • You need to remove the any dying or dead leaves to keep the plant at optimum health.

  • Dust is a danger on the plants leaves. Do not let the dust block the leaves' pores. Clean the plants leaves from time to time. Spray gently with water on the leaves and later wipe with a soft cloth.

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