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Peace lilies are a good choice of indoor house plants to have in your home or office.

  • They help to remove harmful toxins from air( such as Ammonia and Formaldehyde)
  • Increase humidity level( which relieves irritated throats and noses)
  • Promote better breathing
  • Natural air freshener & cleaner.
  • Easy to care plant.




They grow nicely and bloom more if you give them brighter conditions but they are easy to care for and can survive in low light as well.



They are require very little to thrive. All they need is well drainage and enriched soil.



Same like most of the other plants, peace lilies do not like the fluctuations in temperature and humidity to stay healthy. They like warm and consistent temperatures.



Let a few inches of soil dry out from the top in between watering. Peace lilies like wet soil but hate sitting in water. When the plant starts to droop, it's time to water it.



Feed once or twice monthly during the growing season. The plant food(liquid) is available and it's very easy to use.


Please note:- The pictured plant color may vary slightly because of the photography.




Spathiphyllum Viscount (peace lily) 2.5L

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