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Monstera is a popular indoor plant because of the delicious large fruit they produce and their leaves become giant. This is a low maintenance plant.



Monstera can not tolerate direct sunlight. They can survive in low light but they like bright light for better and faster growth.



Let a few inches of soil dry from the top in between watering.

Over water is the cause of yellow & brown on the leaves so make sure not to leave the monstera sitting in water.

Underwater turns leaves into yellow & droopy.



You can increase the humidity by misting to enhance the growth rate of your monstera in summer time when temperature increases.



The best to fertilize the monstera in summer time & avoid in winter. 


Do not let the dust block the leaves' pores. Clean the plant leaves from time to time. Spray gently with water on the leaves and later wipe with a soft cloth.



Monstera leaves can result in a rash because of mildly toxic leaves. First, train your young children or pets to not play with monstera. 

On the other hand, monstera produce delicious fruit that's safe to eat.


Please note:- The pictured plant color may vary slightly because of the photography.


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